April 12, 2021

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Klopp goes to the gap in the Premier League, and instead of Guardiola at Liverpool in the competition Solskjaer!

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The Championship of England took a short pause, you need to get some air in your lungs before a long jerk in Boxing day. In the next month, the teams will play seven rounds at once, a traditional English fun. Let’s see what achievements the teams have come up with, perhaps, to the main segment of the season.

Klopp lead, solskjaer was replaced by Guardiola
After 14 rounds, Liverpool are in the lead, with Jurgen Klopp’s team on 31 points. The Merseysiders even managed to create a small gap-4 points from the second-placed Leicester. The coefficient for the championship of “Leaver” is already quite low-1.95.

The bookmakers see Man City as a competitor, of course, but so far Pep Guardiola’s wards are in an unusually low 8th place, 8 points behind. However, the “citizens” have one less game. You can bet on the championship with a coefficient of 3.40.

But a holy place is never empty. A series of good results was given out by “MU”, and now the team of Solskjaer is the third, and also with a game in reserve. So far, there are doubts that United will be able to go the rest of the distance without slumps, there are also analysts of bookmakers. The coefficient for the championship of “MU” is 11.00.

But for “Leicester”, which is already familiar at the top, they give 28.00 at once. In the wards of Brian Rogers do not believe, “foxes” will try to punish the skeptics for this. So far, Leicester are second. Experts rated the chances of winning the Premier League “Chelsea” (coefficient 12.00) and “Tottenham” (19.00) higher. The density in the table is now very high, hence such differences. Already in the next round, “Leicester” play with “MU” — the most important match for both teams.

But in whom I do not believe at all, so it is in Arsenal. The season for Mikel Arteta and his team did not go well at all. 15th place, 14 points in 14 games. Only 4 from the relegation zone and already 17 from the leader – it is not surprising that such terrible indicators led to an exorbitant coefficient for the victory of the “Gunners” — 800.00. There is no faith in a miraculous transformation.

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